The BBC has launched a new set of idents containing announcements and a channel identifier. The idents depict people and communities coming together in “oneness”. The new look launched during the early hours of New Year’s Day.

The previous set, on air in various forms since autumn 2006, and featuring hippos, surfers, cyclists and kites, were silently dropped last month with the launch of the channel’s Christmas-themed idents. The “oneness” theme first appeared Christmas Day before returning on the 1st January.

The new idents relate to the channel representing people of all communities who come together to watch programmes on BBC One – the channel boasts that even in today’s on-demand age it can still bring viewers together for major televised events like no other channel.

In total, there are to be 24 idents by documentary photographer Martin Parr, featuring groups such an exercise class, dancers, disabled rugby players and mountain rescuers to be phased in during the year. Swimmers at Clevedon Beach are among the first to be featured in the new look for BBC One in 2017.

Announcing the new look to the media, BBC Director of Content Charlotte Moore said

“I want BBC One to continue to evolve creatively so it’s important that the channel idents continue to move with the times, too, and feel relevant and in touch with a big and broad mainstream audience.”

Watch the new BBC One Idents:

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