The new generation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) televisions, boasting more than 8 million pixels and rich lifelike colours, deep blacks and bright whites, will bring a whole new viewing experience into the home.

The 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo provides assurance to consumers, as well as content producers, broadcasters and manufacturers, that the level of image quality promised by this technology will be effectively delivered and reproduced on the compliant devices that display the logo.

Whilst there are a number of other logo schemes currently in operation, the 4K HDR Ultra HD logo is the only regime that defines requirements for devices to receive and display HDR content delivered over broadcast, HDMI and broadband, and is backed by a rigorous certification scheme.

Consumers will have the assurance that by purchasing a television bearing the logo, it will display UHD HDR content for their region, whether broadcast conventionally, delivered OTT or via HDMI connection.

The logo conveys, in simple graphic form, that a complex set of features and technologies will work together for the respective region. This makes it simple for consumers to identify those televisions that conform to the requirements.

In supporting the logo, broadcasters can have confidence that the broadcast and OTT UHD HDR content they produce will work and deliver the expected quality on all compliant televisions.

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By Expat