Last year Digitenne acquired the rights to continue broadcasting on terrestrial in the Netherlands, one condition was the switch to DVB-T2.

This technique is also used in other countries and gives the possibility to transmit channels in HD quality. However, this means that Digitenne have to convert their transmitter masts, and that all customers will require a different receiver.

In brief

From 1 February 2018 all new Digitenne customers will receive the new receiver.

From March 2018 until summer 2019 they will exchange receivers for all existing customers. This is done via a exchange tool on this page on For now, this is only for customers that  have already been approached.

Phased in by region, as Digitenne convert their masts to DVB-T2. The first region will then receive DVB-T2 in the fourth quarter of 2018, the last in April 2019.
Below is a map of the regions and the planned order.

The new receiver

The new receiver is made by ZTE and is the ZXV7200. With this you can receive both DVB-T and DVB-T2. There is no  smart card in this receiver. Digitenne use a CAS (Conditional Access System) number.

This CAS number is built into the receiver and is activated by Digitenne. This means you can only view subscription channels with this receiver.

The receiver is 16.3 cm wide, 4.5 cm high (including feet) and 11.5 cm deep. At the depth, however, add a cm or 2 with all the connections.


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