skySky’s Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, revealed to the audience of the EY Sustaining Digital Leadership conference, that 5.4 million home sin the UK have their Sky+HD boxes connected to Sky’s on demand service.

With more-than-double growth in less than a year means 56,000 homes were connecting their boxes every week to receive Sky’s connected TV platform. The company revealed that in the past year On Demand viewing has accounted for 5% of all viewing in connected Sky homes, the equivalent to the third most popular channels viewing numbers.

Last summer, Sky made a big push to drive take-up of connected services which means good growth for them, but gives consumers much more choice of viewing. It’s clear from these figures, that this push was a successful one.

Darroch said of the numbers: “Our job is to offer customers the best possible TV experience, making sure that they can watch what they want, when they want, wherever they want. We aim to put Sky at the heart of the ‘digitally connected household’—to meet customers’ growing desire to consume content on their terms.”

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By Expat