A new reports suggests up to 1,000 TV channels could quit the UK in the next 18 months due to Brexit.

According to Expert Media Partners (EMP), UK-based international channels face serious issues in a post-Brexit world, with some beginning to feel the impact this summer.

The UK is currently the biggest location in the EU for companies broadcasting television channels to other EU member states, but EMP’s research suggests the UK’s position is now under threat.

The report says the UK has a large domestic broadcasting market, a stable and well-respected regulatory regime, good access to highly-skilled workers, availability of excellent post-production facilities and a range of satellite uplinks and technical transmission providers, but a large part of the business activity that this industry supports is currently pan-European.

EMP’s report suggests many companies may choose to move to an alternative EU member state.

“In analysing the potential consequences of Brexit, our team has looked closely at the EU’s Country of Origin principle which is enshrined in the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive and which creates a common area for broadcasters,” said the report’s author, Ed Hall.

“Most experts and industry leaders we have consulted agree that any form of Brexit which puts the UK outside the AVMSD licensing regime is likely to threaten the status of the UK as a major television industry hub.”

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By Expat