itv4-poolITV4 is to be made available to all Freeview viewers for the first time, following technical changes to ITV’s Freeview service in August.
The changes will conside with the start of the the Rugby World Cup, Freeview viewers throughout the UK will be able to watch to catch all the matches on both ITV and ITV4 during September and October.

ITV4 is to move to the same MUX as the main standard definition ITV service, allowing viewers in areas that currently only have access to a limited line-up of Freeview channels (Freeview Lite). The changes are scheduled to take place on Tuesday 25th August.

Viewers who already receive ITV4 will need to retune in order to continue receiving the channel. Recordings will need to be reset after the changes.
Viewers who do not currently receive ITV4 will need to retune to add the channel. ITV4 will be available on Freeview channel 24.

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By Expat