itvBeowulf, ITV’s £17m attempt to capitalise on the phenomenal success of fantasy hit Game of Thrones, looks set to be axed after just one series.
ITV had high hopes for the TV adaptation of the epic poem but Beowulf: Return to Shieldlands, has failed to resonate with viewers.

So far seven episodes of the 12-part drama have aired pulling an average audience of about 1.5 million, far short of what ITV would have been hoping for with such a big budget drama in a prime Sunday evening slot.
At launch ITV was unabashed about its plans for Beowulf hoping that it would become a sort of multi-series British Game Of Thrones, but with less violence and nudity than the hit HBO show.

“Game of Thrones, for example, is a great series but many people, including younger viewers, can’t watch it because of the level of sex and violence,” said Tim Haines, co-creator and executive producer on the show, at launch last year. “Beowulf is a show that delivers epic fantasy, danger and excitement but that three generations can enjoy and, we hope, find fascinating for many series.”

A spokeswoman for ITV said that with five episodes yet to air no decision has yet been made on whether to recommission the show.

“It’s standard practice for ITV to decide upon recommission of a series once it’s fully aired,” she said. “Consequently, we’ve no decision currently about Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.”

ITV has struggled with its attempts to create a fantasy drama hit. It also axed Jekyll and Hyde, the 10-part action adventure series written by Charlie Higson, after it also failed to attract big audiences. The news that ITV is planning to cancel Beowulf was first reported by the Sun.

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