ITV today confirms that it has accepted Ofcom’s offer to renew all of ITV’s PSB licences for a full ten year term until the end of 2034. The Channel 3 licences cover all of ITV1’s output including ITV’s 13 nations and regions news franchises and the Channel 3 breakfast licence.

ITV’s CEO, Carolyn McCall commented on the news:
“This provides us with the certainty we require to continue to invest for the long term in our broadcast and streaming businesses and in a wide range of high quality UK produced content at the heart of national life as a PSB.

“From our award winning national and regional news to our Daytime, entertainment, sports and reality shows our content both reflects culture and society and changes it for good and along with dramas like Mr Bates versus The Post Office highlights the enduring power and value of ITV and the PSBs.

“We look forward to working closely with Ofcom in the coming years to ensure that the PSB system as a whole – and ITV’s Channel 3 services as critical components within that system – can flourish in a world where competition for viewing and advertising is intense.

“Crucial to this is the passing of the Media Bill by Parliament and its robust implementation by Ofcom. This new regime – and in particular the provisions around prominence, inclusion and dispute resolution – will determine whether PSB as a system is able to survive and thrive in a world of global online platforms and streamers.”

Source: ITV

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