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Some Changes have been made to ITV service in parts of Central and Southern England.
Some Freeview viewers will need to retune to regain their ITV region.
These changes were agreed upon in the run-up to ITV’s recent Channel 3 licence renewal.
ITV has been reviewing its regional news and advertising regions.

On both Freeview and satellite services, scheduled recordings may need to be reset.
The impact of the changes may vary, depending on your equipment.

On Sky, affected viewers may see other versions of ITV on channels 981, 982 and 983, depending on where they live. These are only temporary, giving viewers time to set series links on the new ITV variants on the Sky Electronic Programme Guide.

Central South West
Viewers in Herefordshire, parts of Worcestershire and parts of Gloucester receiving ITV Central from the Ridge Hill transmitter or ITV Central via satellite have been moved to the ITV Central West Midlands advertising region.

Central South / Meridian Thames Valley
Oxfordshire and surrounding areas is now a full part of the ITV Meridian region. Oxfordshire is now part of the ITV Meridian Thames Valley region. ITV+1 has switched from Central to Meridian and ITV HD has also switched from Central to Meridian news and adverts.

ITV+1 and ITV HD will carry Meridian news from another part of the Meridian region, though will contain pan-regional advertising aimed at covering Oxfordshire and all other areas surrounding London.

Meridian South
West Sussex viewers receiving from the Midhurst transmitter group are being switched from Meridian South East to Meridian South on the main ITV channel 3 service. This mostly means a change in advertising.

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