itvITV has appointed former Football Association boss Adam Crozier as its new chief executive. In an internal message to staff, new ITV chairman Archie Norman revealed that Crozier will take up the post as soon as he completes handover with the Royal Mail, where he has been chief executive since February 2003.
Norman described Crozier as a “terrific leader” with a strong track record in bringing transformational change within consumer businesses. He also praised Crozier’s experience of regulated industries and the media.
The chairman added that the protracted search for a new ITV chief executive has brought forward many talented candidates, but Crozier was deemed the right man for the challenges ahead.

“Even in the short time I have been here I have seen enough to know that we have great broadcast, production and television talent,” said Norman.
“The challenge for the chief executive is to help us bring our company together, build a changed organisation, encourage pace of delivery, attract new talent and bring out the best in our own people.”
He added: “This brings to an end a long period of uncertainty for ITV and means we can now focus wholeheartedly on the challenge ahead.”
Before Crozier formally takes up the new role, John Cresswell will remain in control of the broadcaster as interim chief executive.

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By Expat