No, it’s not a giant beach ball. It’s an ultralight, ultraportable antenna tucked inside an inflatable shell that can pull down a superfast broadband satellite connection at any location.
The GATR-Com is designed for disaster-relief responders, far-flung video producers and front-line troops—anyone whose job (or life) depends on getting digital information—video, Internet, calls—in and out of remote places.

The result is a sturdy, full-sized but lightweight (70 lbs for the 1.8 meter version) satellite antenna that when inflated by a tiny motor, resembles an oversized beachball. Performance however, is anything but lightweight as the antenna offers full performance indistinguishable from traditional hard dishes. Unlike hard dishes which take trucks to move, the inflatable Gatr dish stuffs into a large duffel and can be backpacked in by one person.

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By Expat