freesatHumax will release a Freesat video recorder after the subscription-free satellite service launches, its chief technologist has said. The company is one of several manufacturers licensed to make set-top boxes for the ITV and BBC joint venture.

Bob Hannent, Humax’s chief technologist, said:
“Humax had concentrated its efforts on first developing a stable high definition receiver. A personal video recorder, or digital television recorder, will follow after Freesat has launched. The complexity of Freesat means that we have focused our efforts on developing our first product; the first product is what we refer to as the ‘zapper’ or a basic HD receiver,” he said.
This receiver is based on a common platform we have developed which is known to many of you as the iCord and is an evolution beyond.However, because of both the complex requirements for Freesat and the Freesat extensions to the DTR it has always been intended that the DTR will follow the basic receiver once that is stable.

This means that the final stage of DTR software development will begin after launch of our receiver product and the DTR product will follow in a few months….
We are now finalising the basic receiver firmware and the hardware is already being gathered into it’s kit form (for final European assembly). We have the DTR hardware nailed down for our software team to work on and the team are already planning their next move.”

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By Expat