foxsathdrSince the update from 1.00.13 to 1.00.15 a number of Humax HD customers have noticed a return of the lip-sync issue, most obvious on BBC HD.
In a response to joinfreesat reader Derek, Humax have said:
‘ Over the past 1-2 weeks a number of customers have reported Lip-sync issues on the BBC HD channel. Software version 1.00.13 has addressed the lip-sync issues with the BBC HD channel and Dolby Digital 5.1 broadcasts and until recently we have not had any reports of syncing issues.

Version 1.00.15 has now been released, but this has not made any changes that would affect the syncing.
We have reported the issue to the BBC for investigation as we believe there may be some issues with the broadcasts playing out; as we have not made any changes that could affect the lip-sync.’

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By Expat