This week we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of two brand new on demand players to our platform – our Freeview Play viewers can now watch catch up and box set content from Horror Channel, CBS Reality, CBS Justice and CBS Drama.

The players are currently only available on the Freeview Play platform, and can also be accessed from Channel 100 on Freeview Play devices.

CBS on-demand content will also be available through Freeview Play’s universal search and recommendations function, making it even easier to discover new favourites.

CBS Catchup Channels UK includes CBS Reality, CBS Drama and CBS Action, and offer a wide variety of drama, reality and entertainment shows. Among the highlights to enjoy on-demand are:

Written in Blood
In this series, crime writer Simon Toyne investigates some of the darkest real-life stories that have inspired crime fiction. Simon transports viewers on a fascinating journey of discovery as he meets some of the world’s most popular crime fiction writers to discuss the influence that true crime’s grim realities has had on their writing. Each episode delves into a different criminal case using reconstruction and real life footage.

Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) leads his team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which investigates crimes involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. But NCIS is more than just an action drama. With liberal doses of humour, the show focuses on the often complex and amusing dynamics of a team forced to work together in high-stress situations.

Bondi Rescue
Get up close to the action with the lifesavers of Sydney’s Bondi Beach. It’s all here, from mass rescues and resuscitations to shark sightings and surfing accidents. In one episode, the lifesavers even catch a gang of juvenile pickpockets.

Horror Bites

The Horror Channel is the UK’s number one destination for horror movies, supernatural series and programmes about the people who make them. With Horror Bites, you can get your teeth into lots of spooky series and classic sci-fi. Here’s just a selection of what’s on offer:

Star Trek: Enterprise
You can also catch up with another classic sci-fi series on Horror Bites. Star Trek: Enterprise follows the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) and the crew of the USS Enterprise as they set out to explore the frontiers of space.
And Horror Bites also has some great horror movies to enjoy, including Troy: The Odyssey, The Curse of Frankenstein, and Eden Lake.

The update is available to all Freeview Play devices, with the exception of LG and Bang and Olufsen, these models will be updated in 2019.

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By Expat