Hisense UHDChinese display manufacturer Hisense has unveiled the world’s cheapest 100-inch high-end TV display, and says it is determined to become the world’s dominant supplier of large-format LCD displays.

The company’s latest promised offering, a 100” LED laser projection unit, is to be priced at just over $10,000 (€9000) which sounds expensive but rival Japanese displays of the same size are some ten-times more expensive. Even Sony’s highly-praised 4K laser projectors (which can comfortably fill a 100” screen) costs about $50,000. The new Hisense units should be available around September.

Hisense Group global VP Lin Lan said in a Paris speech that “the ultimate goal of technologies is to recreate cost advantages.” Hisense used the message “The world is looking at me”.

While 100” displays may not fit everyone’s budget – or wall space – Hisense’s latest 55” models (the M7000 range) are widely available at £799 and there’s a 65” model – complete with High Dynamic Range technology for the much desired “better pixels” – for £1199.

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By Expat