freeviewThe government has approved proposals to draw up a long term future for Freeview and digital terrestrial TV.
The recommendations were made by the Digital TV Group following a consultation on the questions facing Freeview after Digital Switchover in 2012.
The Digital TV Group, which represents the UK TV industry and product manufacturers, said the consumer must be placed at the heart of its thinking.

It said developments to the Freeview platform must bring the maximum benefit to both consumers and the industry.
The DTG has been placed at the centre of drawing together the digital TV and internet industry to address post-switchover challenges and ensure consumer benefit.
A letter from BIS and the DCMS to the DTG said: ‘We agree with the majority of respondents that continued management and communication of platform integrity is needed to ensure stability and, importantly, safeguard the consumer.
‘This can happen only if all the elements of the TV market come together, and we are grateful for your efforts in capturing views from across the industry.
‘We encourage you and the industry to continue working towards a robust future for the DTT platform.’
Detailed recommendations include establishing fundamental principles for digital TV products and services to work together, and maintain a map of the different organisations involved in digital terrestrial TV.
The DTG should also monitor the testing regime for Freeview kit and decide what to do with the Digital Tick mark after 2012.

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By Expat