android-blueGoogle have this week announced Android TV, a smart TV operating system which will be designed specifically for large TV Screens. This comes four years after the company launched Google TV, a TV software which failed to gain widespread adoption.

Google’s new offering will be able to be controlled by devices including smartphones, tablets and games console controllers and will make use of a Google search function allowing users to find TV shows and films using specific search terms.
The service will also feature Video games with an emphasis on users being able to play multiplayer together using different types of controllers.

While Google will be entered a fairly saturated market, they have already announced some key partners very early on including Sony, Sharp and TP Vision who will release a line of HD and 4k televisions making use of Android TV.
What do you think? Is this another TV software too many or is it comforting seeing a recognisable and respected brand coming to the market.

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By Expat