TF1Gilles Pélisson, 58, will succeed TF1 Chairman and CEO Nonce Paolini and take up office on February 19th, one day after TF1 releases its 2015 results. Pélisson is the former CEO of Euro Disney and French hotel group Accor.

Pélisson has been an administrator at TF1 since 2009 and knows the Bouygues Group from the inside. Targets for TF1 in the coming months will be to increase the audience of its flagship channel and to refresh its programme offerings. Pélisson will also have to oversee the TV news channel LCI switchover from pay-TV to free DTT.

TF1 posted a third quarter revenue of €419.3 million on October 28th, down €17.7 million (4.1 per cent) compared to the same period in 2014. Net profit attributable to the group fell by 81.3 per cent to €3.9 million, owing to the Eurosport deconsolidation. The advertising revenue for the four FTA channels also significantly fell by €12.9 million (4.2 per cent).

Over the first nine months, TF1 consolidated revenues amounted to €1.4 billion and its net profit decreased to €64.9 million compared to €342.5 million, the year before. Current operating profit however jumped from €30.7 million to €106.8 million.

TF1 has also revealed that it may take a majority stake into Newen that produces 1,300 hours of programming each year through its subsidiaries Telfrance, Capa, Be Aware and 17 Juin Media.

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