freeview-updateThe Freeview TV guide has been updated on Wednesday, 3 September 2014 to create extra capacity for new services. As a result, Children’s and News channels have moved to new channel numbers.

• The Children’s genre moved from channel numbers in the 70s to start at 120
• The News genre will moved channel numbers in the 80s to start at 130

To update their guide viewers simply need to retune their Freeview TVs and digital recorders or boxes where equipment does not pick up the changes automatically. On-screen messages will prompt viewers to retune late afternoon 3 September 2014 onwards.

Viewers who don’t retune will not lose channels – services will remain accessible at their old numbers. However, Digital UK and Freeview recommend viewers retune from time-to-time to ensure they have access to all available services in their area.

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By Expat