Freeview viewers have been venting their frustration after the digital TV platform said it was experiencing reception problems due to high-pressure weather conditions. The website Downdetector has received nearly 5,000 comments from viewers reporting that they are experiencing issues with the picture or accessing Freeview channels. Freeview s free-to-air channels include those from the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV.

The company told users not to re-tune their TV, as reception will improve with the weather. Current high-pressure weather conditions across parts of the UK can cause picture break-up or loss of channels. If you are affected please do not retune your TV, as reception will improve with the weather.

The area of high pressure is mostly present in the south of the UK and is forecast to extend into Western Europe. It isn’t the pressure itself that causes interference with TV signals, but the presence of atmospheric temperature inversion, according to the BBC.

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By Expat