freeview_playNew 2017 specifications for Freeview’s connected TV platform Freeview Play will force manufacturers to include HEVC compatibility and enhanced subtitling support.
Freeview Play products developed using the new 2017 specification will also include enhanced search functionality, allowing viewers to find their favourite shows across on-demand players.

In addition to mandatory support for the decoding of HEVC for programmes delivered via broadband, a move that will permit the more efficient delivery of programmes via the internet, Freeview Play devices may also provide optional support for Ultra HD and HDR content via broadband.

Enhanced subtitling in on-demand programmes using the new EBU-TT-D subtitles standard will also be included, as will support for additional content protection technologies.

The purpose of this document is to detail the technologies required to implement a Freeview Play hybrid (Broadcast & IPTV) device aimed at the horizontal market. It identifies existing specifications that are required to be supported and also adds a small amount of normative text which is required to provide cohesion between the technologies required.

See: Freeview Play — Technical Specification (PDF)

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