freeviewMotive Television has been developing its Tablet Television technology to enable Freeview users in Britain to watch and record television programmes directly onto tablets—without the need to connect to the internet.
The company has now announced that it is moving forward with the Freeview Tablet TV development and has signed a licensing agreement with Freeview entitling Motive to use the Freeview identity in the UK for its Tablet TV solution.

Motive Television will make its technology available to DTG qualified hardware vendors through a software development kit and intends to license its Freeview Tablet TV solution to multiple device makers for the UK market and is aiming for a test demonstration by Autumn 2013.
Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive commented, “Motive’s experience in developing Tablet TV for the United States makes the extension to the highly successful Freeview platform to tablets in the UK a natural next step. We look forward to working with Freeview and its partners to complete the development of Tablet TV for the UK so tablet owners can enjoy Freeview whenever and wherever they want.”

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By Expat