freeviewFollowing a consultation earlier in the year, from lunchtime on Wednesday 19th September, you will have to retune to get the new numbers allocated to some Freeview channels; in particular those used for News, Adult, Children and high definition services.
DMOL (DTT Multiplex Operators Ltd), the company that manages the channel numbers used on Freeview, have decided to make some changes to the allocations to allow the Freeview platform to grow over the next three to five years.

The changes will happen from lunchtime on Wednesday 19th September 2012.
In summary the changes are:

Adult channels move to 171-198

News channels move to 131-150

Children’s move to 121-130

HD channels move to 101-120

General entertainment channels now have 1-99

Text services move to 200-224

MHEG services move to 225-299

Interactive channels stay on 300-320

IPTV channels move to 400-499

Radio stays at 700-750

Manufacturer allocation remains 800-899

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By Expat