The St Peter Port TV relay needs to move from its current location at the edge of a car park off Hauteville as the site is currently being redeveloped. The relay will move to a new location over the valley at the edge of Mt Durand Car Park during the 1st and 2nd of March. During the transfer, TV services will be temporarily unavailable from the relay.
The new site will cover around 2,000 homes, although about 125 homes are expected to lose their signal due to the change in location. It covers an area of Guernsey’s capital unable to get a signal from the island’s main transmitter at Les Touillets. The new relay mast is 18 meters in height.

Channels available from the new relay:
The site will carry all the main UK public service channels from Freeview multiplex PSB1, PSB2 and PSB3 (HD) in line with all TV transmitter sites in the Channel Islands. This includes the Channel Islands-specific versions of BBC One and ITV, plus BBC local radio via Freeview. The new site will continue to use the same frequencies as the old relay:

  • PSB1 – UHF channel 24 (BBC standard definition TV, plus radio)
  • PSB2 – UHF channel 27 (ITV and offshoots, Channel 4 and offshoots, plus Channel 5)
  • PSB3 (HD) – UHF channel 21 (Most of the main channels in HD)
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