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System Menu on Freesat
This Freesat+ System Menu Guide, is based on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR receiver, System on other brands and models may vary, see your Instruction Manual for details.
Under System you can configure view Diagnostics, Network (for use with interactive & VOD services), HDD Control used to format and partition the hard drive and view Common Interface, this is used to insert a CAM for encrypted services.
Diagnostics on Freesat 
Listed under Diagnostics are:
Brand Name
Model Name
Software Version
Loader version
System ID
Update Date
Signal quality and strength can also be viewed, this is the transponder (frequency), of the most recently selected channel
Under Network, you can configure the Ethernet settings for the receiver.
This is used for BBC iPlayer and will be used for other services on Freesat in the future.
Select Configure Ethernet and press the OK button. Select Configure IP and press the OK or arrow keys to select DHCP or Manual.
When selecting Manual, you can enter the value for the network information. Select Apply and press the OK button to save the changes. 
Configure your Ethernet connection here
Type in your ip address manually if you are using a VPN, if you are in the UK this should not be necessary.
HDD Control
Under HDD Control, you can format and set partition sizes on the the hard drive.
Formatting the hard drive will delete all recorded programmes, even those which have been protected under MEDIA.
The hard drive is split into two partitions: Video/Radio & Music/Photo.
More hard drive options are available under the Hidden Menu.
For information on upgrading the hard drive, click HERE.
An overview of the hard drive partitions.
Choose the partitions to be formatted.
Mark the partitions to be partitioned.
You will be asked to confirm ‘Do you want to format the hard drive?’
Move the slider to assign the partition size.
Type in your 4 digit password, by default this is 0000.
The hard drive is being formatted. Please wait …
Format is completed.
Common Interface
The Common Interface may be used at some point in the future, however most Freesat receivers to not have a Common Interface. There are currently, no encrypted services on the Freesat Platform.
The Humax Freesat+ FOXSAT-HDR has DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control), so other satellite positions can also be viewed through the receiver.
See DiSEqC for more information.
The Common Interface Slot is empty.
Initialising CI module.
The CAM module is now displayed.
You can also access the CAM modules menu, the options available will depend on the type of CAM inserted.
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