humaxhd1The Humax FOXSAT HD satellite receiver offers both standard and high definition television, subscription free. The most impressive aspect is the user interface, which makes it an absolute pleasure to use, it is also packed with a decent array of features and connections, an ideal receiver for overseas reception in fringe areas. The Humax HD receiver, has a DiSEqC option, allowing the receiver to be used for multi satellite reception.
FOXSAT-HD Instruction Manual (3.49 MB) PDF


Receiving HDTV signals (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2)
Under 1W power consumption in standby
HDMI – digital interface for perfect transmission of picture and sound
Simultaneous playing of transmissions over HDMI, YPbPr or Scart
Easy installation and operation
Resolution format: 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i
DVB-S2 and DVB-S compatible
Ethernet support
Full colour, high resolution electronic program guide
Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
Automatic software upgrade via satellite
Improving SDTV on a HD LCD TV
Audio description / One touch subtitle
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 280 x 45 x 200mm
Weight: 1.5kg


Front Panel
humaxhd21. STANDBY – switches unit ON or into Standby mode
2. TV/RADIO button – switch between TV & Radio channels
3. Operational arrows ▲(Up), ▼(Down), ◄(Left), ►(Right) – navigate Menu/Guide
4. OK – used to confirm a Menu/Guide selection
5. MENU – Displays the Main Menu
6. GUIDE – displays the Programme Guide (EPG)
7. Standby LED – displayed when the receiver is in Standby mode (RED)
8. TV LED – displayed when switched on to TV channels (GREEN)
9. RADIO LED – displayed when switched on to Radio channels (Amber)
The 4 segment display, shows the Channel number when on, Time when in Standby mode


Rear Panel
humaxhd31. LNB IN – connect you satellite cable connection here to receive the signal
2. TV Scart – RGB, CVBS, S-Video output. Connect scart cable from here to your TV if connecting via scart
3. VCR Scart – CVBS, S-Video output. Connect scart cable to a recording device (VCR, DVD Recorder, etc) to record freesat channels
4. HDMI – High Definition Media Interface connection to connect to a HD Ready TV with a HDMI connection using a HDMI to HDMI cable
5. ETHERNET – to be used for future services
6. USB – for service use only
7. COMPONENT (YPbPr) – Component Video output. Connect a component cable to the component connection on your TV set
8. COMPOSITE – CVBS output to connect to a device
9. Left/Right AUDIO – Audio output to connect to a device or home theatre amplifier
10. COMPONENT SELECT – switch to select RGB (when using scart) or YPbPr (when using component output)
11. SPDIF – Digital Optical output to connect to a home theatre amplifier for surround sound


Remote Control
humaxhd41. Source
3. Numeric Buttons
6. Arrow Buttons
7. Colour Buttons
8. P-/P+
10. i (Information)
11. TEXT
12. WIDE
15. BACK
16. OK
17. V-/V+
18. MUTE
19. SUB
21. OPT+

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