Hard Drive Upgrade

foxsathdrThis Freesat+ hard drive upgrade is based on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR receiver, the upgrade procedure may vary depending on the make and model of your Freesat+ receiver.
Upgrading the hard drive in your Freesat+ receiver will void your warranty and could permanently damage the receiver, upgrade at your own risk.
The Astra 2 Website accepts no responsibility for any damage caused during the upgrade, upgrade at your own risk.
The Freesat+ Humax FOXSAT-HDR comes with a Seagate Pipeline 320GB (Sata-300) hard drive, this can be upgraded to a drive with far more capacity, allowing you to store far more programmes, music and photos on the receiver. Hard drives of 1TB and higher can be used in the receiver/HDR.
This upgrade is base on using a Western Digital 1Tb (Terabyte) hard drive, other models and capacities can be used.
NOTE: The hard drive partitions are formatted in the Linux EXT2 file system.


Hard Drives that can be used with the Humax FOXSAT-HDR
Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVCS
Western Digital 1Tb WD10EADS – replaces the EACS
Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVVS – designed for AV
Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVDS – designed for AV, large 32M cache
Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb F1 HD103UJ
Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb F1 HD103SI
Seagate 1Tb Barracuda ST31000340AS
Seagate 1Tb Pipeline HD ST31000533CS
Other makes and models may work with this receiver, though those mentioned above have been tried and tested.


Upgrading the Hard Drive
Upgrading the hard drive in the Humax FOXSAT-HDR is very straight forward, once installed the new hard drive will be detected by the receiver and you will be prompted to format the drive. By default the receiver will create two partitions on the drive 955.6GB for video/radio and 26.2GB for photo/music (with a 1Tb hard drive).

1.Remove the warranty sticker underneath the receiver.
2.Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the three screws at the rear that are holding the lid to the main body of the receiver.
3.Pull the lid back slightly and lift away.
4.Locate the SATA connection to the motherboard and disconnect.
5.Locate the power connection of the HDD to the motherboard and disconnect.
6.Locate the back hard disk enclosure and the screws holding it to the motherboard.
7.Unscrew the enclosure from the motherboard.
8.Locate the SATA and power connection to the HDD and disconnect.
9.Locate the screws hold the HDD to the enclosure, and unscrew and then remove.
10.Put the new HDD in place and reconnect all leads, screw on the HDD to the enclosure.
11.Replace the enclosure and screw it back to the motherboard making sure to trap the red earthing wire to the metal chassis under one of the screws.
12.Reconnect the power and SATA cables to the motherboard.

Photo courtesy of Steve-R
Unscrew the enclosure from the motherboard, disconnect all cables to the hard drive.

Photo courtesy of Steve-R
Put the new HDD in place and reconnect all leads, screw on the HDD to the enclosure.
Once the receiver is reassembled, power up the receiver and format the hard drive.
Changing Partition Sizes
To change the partition sizes from the default 955.6GB for video/radio and 26.2GB for photo/music (with a 1Tb hard drive), go to the ‘HIDDEN MENU’.
To access the Hidden Menu, press MENU on the remote and go to SYSTEM.
Choose DIAGNOSTICS and press OK.
Once in DIAGNOSTICS, press the following sequence of keys on the remote control:
Followed by:
See Hidden Menu for more information.
Copying Files to External Devices
The Humax FOXSAT-HDR will only allow the transfer of files up to 4GB, the limit of a partition in FAT32. The Humax FOXSAT-HDR does not recognise NTFS, this can be a problem as many recordings such as films will be greater in size. The Linux based receiver only recognises FAT16, FAT32, EXT 2 & EXT 3 (Linux). The solution is to use a Linux file system that supports large files. To format a usb device in EXT3, use a free programme such as EaseUs Partition Manager Free Edition.
How to make the Boot CD (Linux)
1 Download the NimbleX 2008 ISO image from the download page.
2 Burn the iso image to a CD.
3 Leave the CD in the drive and restart the computer.
4 NimbleX 2008 should now load on your computer, with a graphical interface.
5 Connect the USB device, a window should open close the window.
6.Open the command shell (Konsole), then type in the following and press enter: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1.
7.The drive can be named, for example FoxsatBU. Type e2lable /dev/sda1 FoxsatBU, followed by enter.
8. To set the partition type: fdisk /dev/sda followed by enter.
9.Type t followed by enter.
10.Type 83 at the prompt, followed by enter.
11.type wq, followed by enter.
12.Close the Konsole window.
13.Click on the world icon and then media manager.
14.Right click on the USB icon and choose safely remove.
15.Remove the USB drive from your computer and connect it to the Humax FOXSAT-HDR via the USB socket. The receiver should find the partition
Useful Links
EaseUs Partition Manager Free Edition EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition is a partition solution and disk management utility.
My Humax Org A community supporting Humax PVR and STB owners.
Nimbex Download the NimbleX ISO image from the download page.
Seagate Seagate is a manufacturer of both internal and external hard drives.
Western Digital Western Digital is a manufacturer of both internal and external hard drives.
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