Freetime Installation

Once you have connected your Freesat freetime receiver to your TV, satellite dish and internet connection you can begin the installation process.
When you turn on the receiver for the first time you will be greeted by the welcome screen:
You’re just minutes away from enjoying Freesat, though first, we need to set up your set-top box.

To start, make sure your satellite cables are plugged into the box and if you are planning to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, plug it in now.

See your Quick Start Guide for more instructions. Press Next (OK on your remote control)


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Picture & Sound Settings
Select the picture and sound settings to fit your TV set up.
Screen ratio – 16:9 or 4:3
Display format – Auto, 4:3 Pillarbox, Centre Cut Out, 14:3 Pillarbox, Anamorphic
Resolution – 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 576p
Audio type – Stereo, Left, Right


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Signal test
The receiver will automatically search for the satellite signal on both connected cable.
The receiver will show the signal strength and quality on both tuners.
If the receiver can receive signals from the Astra 2 group of satellites at 28.2° East, press Next to proceed to the next step or Back to try again.
If your satellite dish is incorrectly aligned, you may see the following message displayed:
Your box is picking up a weak signal:
Check cables from your satellite dishes are securely fitted. If this doesn’t help, contact a satellite installer for advice.


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You must now type in your full postcode to select the correct BBC and ITV region.










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Internet Connection 
Connect the Ethernet cable to your receiver or connect via Wi-Fi.
The best way to connect is with an Ethernet cable. Slot one end into the Ethernet port on the back of the box, and the other end into an Ethernet port
That’s it, you’re connected.
Using an Ethernet cable should also reduce any buffering or lag when watching On Demand.


All available Wi-Fi networks in range will be displayed on the screen. Choose your network and then type in your network password.
Secure networks will display a padlock over the Wi-Fi symbol.

If your network is not secure you are strongly advised to do so by adding a secure password to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access.

If your router is too far away to use a cable, try using a pair of HomePlug Adapters (Illustrations 2 & 3). They are a safe and convenient way to send broadband around your home using the electrical wiring.


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Parental Control
Some programmes or channels may be unsuitable for younger audiences:
You can control which programmes and channels can be viewed by adding a PIN.
The default PIN is 0000.



Your Freesat receiver is now ready for use, if you wish to change settings later on press the Freesat Home button on your remote.
This is easily identified by the green circle.




UK Postcodes & Regions
There are hundreds of postcodes in the UK, to change region type in one of the following:
Region Postcode
B1 2JT
M60 2LA
HTV Wales
ME14 5NZ
HTV West
Tyne Tees
NE11 9SZ







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