DiSEqC on Freetime

Setting up DiSEqC on Freesat Freetime receivers is a bit of a task and it has to be said, not really worth the effort.
There are very few options available in non-Freesat mode:

  • No recording option
  • No EPG (not even now and next)
  • No favourites
  • No option to change from one satellite to another
  • No stations list, you can only type the channel number in, these start at 5000

The software on the Humax HDR-1000S/500S and Humax HB-1000S are not designed for multi satellite viewing. It would be far better to have a separate non-Freesat receiver with more flexibility and options to record for other satellite positions.

Firstly a Freesat installation is required, then do the following:

1. Go to System Settings – STB mode – Change to non-Freesat mode

2. Go to Settings – General Info

3. Highlight the Transponder box, do not click on it

4. Press the following colour sequence – Red Green Yellow Blue Green Yellow Blue








5. Choose Dish type Fixed








6. Choose the satellite Astra 1 or Hotbird etc.

7. Choose DiSEqC port A, B,C D

7. 22 Khz Tone – Auto or On (this will probably be set to Auto with no option to change), press Next








8. Go to Transponder and choose the desired frequency or All or user defined

9. Scan – Here there are options to scan for TV/Radio and FTA or All

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