Freesat TV Guide

To access Freesat’s TV Guide, press GUIDE on your remote. Under TV Guide you will find listings for all the television channels listed on the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
There are also many other channels available through Non Freesat mode, these are not listed in the TV Guide.
You will now have the option to view all listings, or to choose them by genre. Highlight your option with the arrow keys and then press OK.
Use the BACKUP key to return.

The normal viewing mode is in Table format.
Press RED for Quick navigation for the days ahead. You can now choose a programme to reserve.
Press GREEN for list mode.

Once you have found the programme you wish to reserve, press the OK button.
A box will appear asking for confirmation, press OK to confirm.
SD and HD options may be available.

There are three options available:
Record whole series
Record single programme

RED CLOCK will be displayed next to programmes set to be recorded.
Remember, two programmes can be recorded at the same time.

Press the YELLOW key on your remote to see all reserved programmes.
RED CLOCK: Programme to be recorded.
BLUE CLOCK: Programme to be watched.

To reserve a programme to be watched, first highlight the programme press, choose Watch then OK on the remote control.

Reserved programmes to be watched, will have a BLUE CLOCK next to the reservation.

Viewing a channel under List allows you to quickly scroll through programmes for the day or over the coming week.

Schedule displays the list of the programmes reserved, here, you can modify or delete reservations.
A small BLUE CLOCK will appear next to the reserved programme.
A Freesat receiver can not currently be connected to an external USB drive for recording.

Freesat does not have a Series Link, however there are daily, weekly and weekday options available.
You can also change the start and finish times for the reservation.
Press OK to save any changes.
Press the YELLOW key to access the Schedule and any currently reserved programmes.
To cancel a reservation, highlight it and then press OPT+. You must then confirm or cancel the deletion

Find allows you to find desired programmes by entering the programmes name, genre, time and day.
To access the Find function, press Guide, enter either All channels or one of the genres, then press BLUE.
To search by Keyword, press the OK button while the cursor is on the Keyword.
To search by Genre, press OK while the cursor is on Genre.
The list of Genres will appear.
Select genres then press OK.
To search by Time and Day, press the OK while the cursor is on Time and Day.
The Time and Day popup will appear. Select the time and day by using OK or the arrow keys.
Select OK and press the OK button.
You can select up to two genres.
A Keyboard will appear, type in your search word and then press the YELLOW button to complete.
There are two types of keyboard available, an A – Z one or a SMS version, this can be changed by selecting the SMS key at the top.
Type in the name of the programme you are looking for.
A SMS style keyboard is also available.
Press YELLOW to confirm your search.
Now press SEARCH and wait until the results appear.
Highlight the one you wish to view or record and press OK on your remote.
You may be presented with the option to watch or record in SD or HD.
Confirm your reservation by pressing the OK button on your remote.
Reservations are marked by either a BLUE CLOCK to watch, or RED CLOCK to record.
You can cancel the reservation by pressing OK on your remote.
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