Some of the channels in Freesat’s Entertainment section have moved in the TV guide. Here is a list of channels with new numbers:

152 True Entertainment +1

153 TruTV

154 ITV4 +1

155 PBS America

156 YourTV

157 Dave (from 1st August)

166 Home (from 1st August)

167 Quest

169 Quest Red

Your Freest box or Freesat TV should update automatically,  if  this does not happen automatically, try a Freesat channel scan. If you have any series recordings set for the above channels it is worth resetting them to ensure there are no issues with recordings taking place.

The changes creates a slot for Dave on channel 157, Home will fill the vacant channel 166, both channels launch on Freesat on August 1st 2017.


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By Expat