freesatFreesat has promised to work with manufacturers to add manual tuning of FTA channels across its full range of receivers.
Humax’s Foxsat HD receiver has a capability to tune channels not on the Freesat EPG, the Bush, Goodmans and Grundig receivers (all made by Alba) do not.
The European Union’s Advanced Television Services Directive of 2003 insists all satellite receivers should be able to tune in and display any free-to-air DVB channel.
Freesat is currently working with Alba on this matter and all Alba receivers should have the manual tuning option within a matter of weeks.

The manual tuning feature is already available on the Humax HD receiver, which also supports DiSECq, and the forthcoming Panasonic Freesat TVs.”
There are currently many free channels not available through Freesat’s EPG, though this will increase in the future.

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By Expat