bbciplayerLive and on demand content from BBC Radio is now available on BBC iPlayer in Flash-based streams. In a post announcing the launch on the BBC Internet Blog, the BBC’s James Cridland explained: “This is a really significant step – as the BBC’s online radio services take a great leap in audio quality. It’s been far too long coming; but now, you’ll find the listening experience online is among the best we offer. I’m really proud of the audio quality we are making available today.”

Cridland, executive producer A/V Products at BBC Future Media and Technology, said that bitrates have been doubled for most live streams served to UK audiences. All UK streams run at 128kbps AAC except for Radio 3, which runs at 192kbps, and Radio 5 Live, which runs at 96k in mono.
International listeners will have access to 48kbps aacPlus streams in stereo for all stations, except 5 Live which runs at 32kbps. Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4 have also been made available in Windows Media to international audiences for the first time. Audio sourcing and processing have also been optimised.

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By Expat