VIZIO SmartcastThe battle between the online retailers and real stores which also sell online but carry the cost weight of their physical locations too is not something new at all however what is interesting is also how this competition plays out.

The latest example of just this is Best Buy which has been fighting fiercely with the digital retailing giant for a share of the U.S consumer electronics market.
However, despite strenuous efforts to beat the huge digital Amazon market with its vast network of retail locations, Best Buy is struggling in a number of ways and its stores are looking more than ever like pricey showroom ornamentations than places where people come for a new 4K TV or other electronic toy.

This manifests itself particularly with regards to 4K TVs and while customers who are looking for the latest or even older model 4K TVs of all types have plenty to choose from if they go with Best Buy. In contrast to Amazon’s selection of roughly 60 4K TV models which are all sold only online by the retailer, Best Buy offers a massive selection of over 159 4K TV types in both its stores and website. This makes it an above average seller of 4K TVs on this highly competitive market and the physical locations of the store also allow millions of potential TV buyers to actually compare models live before deciding on a purchase, but even with these benefits in best Buy’s favor, the overall market is treating the company roughly.

4K UHD TV prices have plumeted in the last year and a half and in the last 12 months alone many models (especially older TV editions) sell for 30% less than they used to. Furthermore, the total stock of TVs kept by the major retailers from Walmart to Target to Best Buy as well has increased heavily with soaring growth in the popularity of 4K home entertainment display.

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By Expat