e4E4 and More4 today began free to air transmission on the digital satellite for the first time, the channels were viewable via satellite only to those with a Sky subscription.
The broadcaster negotiated a change to its conditional access contract with Sky in order to make all three channels to be available to those with Freesat equipment.

All free to air digital satellite receivers, including Sky, Freesat and other digital receivers, will now be able to view Channel 4, E4 and More4. Channel 4 HD will remain exclusive to Sky.
Sky has informed subscribers that from today E4 and More4 will no longer be a part of its variety pay TV channel package.
The carriage changes also mean that Sky users in the Republic of Ireland can no longer receive the timeshift channels E4 +1 and More4 +1. They are expected to become available again later this year.

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By Expat