LONDON, MONDAY 4 NOVEMBER 2019: The DTG has released the latest version of the D-Book, the only universally deployed technical standard for TV and digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the UK. The D-Book is updated annually with the collaboration of industry, underpinning Freeview, YouView, Freesat, EE TV, BT TV and TalkTalk TV.

Requirements that are no longer necessary have been removed from D-Book 12 to respond to the continual evolution of the DTT platform. Previously, this included High Definition (HD)/Standard Definition (SD) Logical Channel Number (LCN) switching and Broadcast Record lists, as well as the complete removal of the Standard Definition receiver profiles.

For D-Book 12, the required receiver update mechanisms have changed as a result of the shutting down of the Engineering Channel. Updating remotely i.e. via a network connection or locally from a flash drive (or similar) is still required in all cases. Additionally, because of the increased availability of SVOD services, the chapters describing UK-specific Common Interface and Conditional Access requirements have been removed.

As the complexity of the platform increases, the importance of interoperability and test and conformance is greater than ever. The success of Freeview and Freeview Play continues and is largely down to the reliable products and services on the UK DTT platform.

The D-Book continues to be the foundation of all UK DTT-based platforms including Freeview Play, Freeview HD, YouView, EETV and NowTV and the UK DSAT platform, Freesat, as well as several international adaptations. The DTG continues to ensure European harmonisation wherever possible while meeting the needs of the rapidly developing and highly successful UK TV market.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG said; “The D-Book uniquely specifies every TV sold in the UK supporting the key principle of universality, namely that Public Service Broadcaster (PSB) programmes should be available to everyone, free at the point of use. The critical tenet will remain at the centre of our work as we embrace the converged media future of UK television. ”

Owen Jenkins, Marketing Director, Freeview said; “In an ever-evolving TV landscape the DTG remain guardians of reliability which is so crucial for today’s consumers.”

The DTG team give thanks to all who have contributed to D-Book 12 which is available to DTG Members for FREE and can be downloaded from Members can purchase the D-Book for £50,000.

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