dtgThe Digital TV Group (DTG) has launched a consultation that director-general Richard Lindsay Davies claims will play a key role in ensuring it is able to produce a roadmap for the future interoperability, stability and technical development of the Freeview platform.
“For over a decade the DTG has played a pivotal role in the success of the Freeview platform,” Mr Davies said.
He pointed out that last year the DTG published the 6th edition of the D-Book, the technical specification for UK DTT that paved the way for the launch of high definition services on the platform.
He added that the DTG will publish the 7th edition of the specification later this year, making hybrid connected TV devices a reality for viewers.

“We believe that it falls to the DTG, as the only independent and fully representative organisation in our sector, to ensure that the horizontal market continues to exist in an environment where innovation can thrive and where the consumer is safeguarded.” The consultation is open now and closes on September 20.

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By Expat