The DTVP’s Ultra HD Working Group and the DTG’s UK UHD Forum will hold the second joint Plugfest on 12th – 13th April, at the DTG’s headquarters in Vauxhall, London. This follows the success of the first joint UHD Plugfest which took place in Berlin last December.

The second joint UHD Plugfest will focus on the testing of the interoperability of various devices such as UHD television screens, UHD receivers and Blu-ray players in High Dynamic Range (HDR). This feature is fast becoming the cornerstone of the development of Ultra HD and will drive its breakthrough into the mass market.

“The productive atmosphere of the first joint Plugfest gives us confidence for the continuation of cooperation with the DTG.” said Stephan Heimbecher (Sky), head of the DTVP’s Ultra HD Working Group and board member of the Germany TV Platform, “Once again we offer developers and engineers the opportunity to extensively test their devices and share experiences. Especially with the international standardisation of HDR, expected at the end of 2016, it is important that the various procedures and proposals will be tested in practice. Our main concern is that HDR impresses consumers with a compelling new picture image and sound experience.”

Simon Gauntlett, CTO of the DTG said: “We’re delighted to be working with the DTVP again on a second Plugfest hosted at our London headquarters. We’re increasing our international collaboration on behalf of DTG members and as part of that initiative ensuring that Ultra HD services continue to develop at the highest possible standard for consumers in the UK and Germany is a priority. We’re expecting the sessions in April to be extremely well attended and a wide range of devices and manufacturers, infrastructure operators, research institutions, broadcasters and content providers will be able to understand how their products perform with emerging Ultra HD services in Europe’s two largest markets.”

Since 2014 the DTG and DTVP Ultra HD Plugfests have provided a neutral platform for the members of both organisations as well as for interested companies and institutions. The Plugfests help UHD receiver manufacturers, broadcasters, content producers and test equipment providers ensure requirements for HDMI, HEVC, HDCP and HDR remain interoperable.

About the German TV Platform DTVP
The German TV Platform is an association of numerous companies, associations and institutions that deal with the development of digital media. These include private and public broadcasters, device manufacturers, infrastructure operators, equipment and service providers, research institutes and universities, and federal and state agencies. DTVP has more than 50 members from almost all areas of the media value chain.

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