Digital Production Partnership (DPP)The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has announced a brand new technical standard for the delivery of Ultra High Definition (UHD) programming to broadcasters.
The Technical Standards Supplement is designed to minimise the challenges that the industry faces when adopting a new UHD format. Finding a universally accepted standard is essential for streamlining delivery and developing a cohesive system.

The Advanced Media Workflow Association worked with the DPP to extend the AS-11 standard. The revisions were essential for including UHD parameters and changing the way that metadata is carried within content.

Major UK broadcasters BBC, BT Sport, Channel 4, ITV and Sky will use the new standard when they move to UHD programming.

“When the DPP defined a common standard for file-based HD programme delivery, we were replacing the use of videotape for HD delivery,” said DPP managing director Mark Harrison. “But UHD is the first delivery format that has never existed on tape, and it is very exciting for the DPP and its members to be able to help the industry get ready for this major upgrade in television picture quality.”

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