freeviewDiscovery Communications has announced it has secured a channel position on Freeview. The deal with UK multiplex operator, SDN will see the channel launch in early 2009.Discovery Communications launched its first international channel in the UK in 1989 and now offers 11 pay-TV channels available through SKY, Virgin Media and other platforms.
David Zaslav, President and CEO of Discovery Communications, said, “Discovery Communications is very proud to bring its first channel to Freeview.

Our first international channel launched in the UK nearly 20 years ago and the company always has been ‘platform neutral’ in its distribution strategy. Discovery Communications’ Freeview channel will both complement and enhance our offerings and portfolio position in the critical UK market.”
Dan Brooke, managing director of Discovery Networks UK, added, “The UK now has the most competitive and diverse TV market in the world and the launch of a Freeview channel is an important element in expanding consumer reach. We have talked to Freeview viewers: they love our programming, and once they have sampled it, we are confident they will want to experience the richness and variety of our content on other media platforms.”
Details of the new channel and its name will be unveiled by Discovery Communications closer to launch.

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By Expat