Danish Radio Streams

Most streams are Audio layer 1/2 mpga (MP3) unless otherwise stated.

AAC – Advanced Audio Coding
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates.

ADTS – Audio Data Transport Stream
A file with the ADTS file extension is an Audio Data Transport Stream file. This file format stores sections of an audio file in various frames, each of which include the audio data and header information. AAC files streamed online are often transferred in the ADTS format.

Data compression is also applied in ‘Internet Radio’ streaming. When audio is compressed in such a way through a streams encoder (regardless of the format the audio’s signal is coming from) the lower the stream bitrate used, the lower this will be in the occurring sound quality.

Audio codec: MPEG 1 Layer II
Better than FM quality requires 192-256 kbps
Similar to FM quality requires 160-192 kbps
Acceptable, worse than FM 128-160 kbps
(Based on stereo services)

Audio codec: aac v2
Better than FM quality requires 56-96 kbps
Similar to FM quality requires 40-64 kbps
Acceptable, worse than FM 24-48 kbps
(Based on stereo services)

(M) – Mono

EU Digital Bitrates

DR Radio
Station Bitrate Stream URL
DR P1 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A05H.mp3
DR P1  256 kbps aac http://drradio1-lh.akamaihd.net/i/p1_9@143503/index_256_a-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
DR P2  320 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A04H.mp3
DR P2 320 kbps http://live-icy.gslb01.dr.dk:8000/A/A04H.mp3
DR P2 320 kbps aac http://drradio2-lh.akamaihd.net/i/p2_9@143504/index_320_a-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
DR P3 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A05H.mp3
DR P3 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A05H.mp3
DR P3 256 kbps aac http://drradio3-lh.akamaihd.net/i/p3_9@143506/index_256_a-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
DR P4 Bornholm 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A06H.mp3
DR P4 Esbjerg 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A15H.mp3
DR P4 Fyn 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A07H.mp3
DR P4 København 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A07H.mp3
DR P4 Midt & Vest 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A09H.mp3
DR P4 Nordjylland 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A10H.mp3
DR P4 Sjælland 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A11H.mp3
DR P4 Syd 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A12H.mp3
DR P4 Trekanten 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk:8000/A/A13H.mp3
DR P4 Østjyllands Radio 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A24H.mp3
DR P5 Bornholm 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A30H.mp3
DR P5 Esbjerg 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A26H.mp3
DR P5 Fyn 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A02H.mp3
DR P5 København 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A28H.mp3
DR P5 Midtvest 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A17H.mp3
DR P5 Nordjylland 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A18H.mp3
DR P5 Sjælland 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A19H.mp3
DR P5 Syd 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A20H.mp3
DR P5 Trekanten 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A23H.mp3
DR P5 Østjylland 192 kbps https://live-icy.dr.dk/A/A24H.mp3
DR P6 Beat 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A29H.mp3
DR P6 Beat 256 kbps aac http://drradio3-lh.akamaihd.net/i/p6beat_9@143533/index_256_a-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
DR P8 Jazz 192 kbps http://live-icy.gss.dr.dk/A/A22H.mp3
DR P8 Jazz  256 kbps aac http://drradio3-lh.akamaihd.net/i/p6beat_9@143533/index_256_a-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on

Bauer Media Group
Station Bitrate Station URL
MyRock 128 kbps http://stream.myrock.fm/myrock128.mp3
NOVA FM 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=nova_dk_tunein_mp3
NOVA Dansk  128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP11.mp3
NOVA Top 40  128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP12.mp3
POP FM 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=popfm_dk_tunein_mp3
POP FM 128 kbps http://stream.popfm.dk/pop128
POP FM 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=popfm_dk_mp3
Radio 100 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=radio100_dk_tunein_mp3
Radio Klassisk 192 kbps http://onair.100fmlive.dk/klassisk_live.mp3
Radio Soft 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=radiosoft_dk_tunein_mp3
Radio Soft 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=radiosoft_dk_mp3
Radio Soft 128 kbps http://onair.100fmlive.dk/soft_live.mp3
Radio Soft Claasic 128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP08.mp3
The Voice 128 kbps http://tx-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/http_live.php?i=thevoice_dk_tunein_mp3
The Voice New Music 128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP17.mp3
The Voice Party People 128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP16.mp3

Jysk Fynske Medier
Station Bitrate Station URL
Classic FM 256 kbps http://webradio.classicfm.dk/classichorsens
Pulz FM 256 kbps http://netradio.skala.fm/pulz
Radio Viborg 64 kbps aac http://netradio.radioviborg.dk/viborg.aac
Radio VLR 256 kbps http://webradio.skala.fm/vlrvarde
Skala FM 320 kbps aac http://webradio.skala.fm/sydfyn.aac
Skala FM 320 kbps http://webradio.skala.fm/esbjergdab

Mediehuset Midtjyllands Avis
Station Bitrate Station URL
Radio Alfa Silkeborg 256 kbps http://netradio.radioalfa.dk/alfa
Radio Silkeborg 256 kbps http://netradio.radiom.dk/silkeborg
Radio Solo 256 kbps

Sjællandske Medier
Station Bitrate Station URL
Radio Køge 128 kbps https://netradio.radiokoege.dk
Radio SLR 160 kbps http://stream.wlmm.dk/stream/54/

Other Stations
Station Bitrate Station URL
dk4dab 390 kbps aac https://819fe5cca88cb8fca5e76d4095c60a9b-httpcache0-90200-cachelive0.dna.qbrick.com/90200-cachelive0/smil:radio/chunklist_b3000000.m3u8
Globus Guld 160 kbps http://stream.wlmm.dk:8000/guldsyd
Globus Guld 96 kbps aac
MTV Radio 128 kbps https://n02.rcs.revma.com/b66v4v0ybhruv?rj-ttl=5&rj-tok=AAABcSZO_KkAfNAmZEGW9B3sLA
NRJ-Danmark 128 kbps https://n03.rcs.revma.com/vf65su7pshruv?rj-ttl=5&rj-tok=AAABcsuE_GkAhiHBA3jQDSnVhA
Radio4 192 kbps http://netradio.radio4.dk/radio4
Radio ABC 256 kbps
Radio Diablo 128 kbps http://icecast1.radiostuff.dk:8000/Diablo128
Radio Globus 128 kbps http://media.wlmm.dk/radioglobus
Radio Globus 64 kbps aac
Radio Go!FM 256 kbps https://radioserver.dk/gofm
Radio Limfjord 128 kpbs http://media.limfjordnetradio.dk/limfjord128
Radio Limfjord 64 kbps aac http://media.limfjordnetradio.dk/limfjordaac
Radio Limfjord Plus 128 kpbs http://media.limfjordnetradio.dk/mix128
Radio Limfjord Schlager 128 kpbs http://media.limfjordnetradio.dk/plusslager128
Radio Max Danmark  128 kpbs http://netradio.radiomax.dk:8002/max.mp3
Radio Nord 256 kbps http://netradio.radionord.dk:8000/RadioNord
Radio Nordjyske 256 kbps http://stream.anr.dk/nordjyske
Radio Nordjyske  96 kbps aac http://stream.anr.dk/nordjyske2
Radio Skive  256 kbps
Radio Sydhavsøerne 160 kbps http://stream.wlmm.dk/sydhavsradiomp3
Radio Viborg 64 kbps aac http://netradio.radioviborg.dk/viborg.aac
Radio Victoria 160 kbps http://media.wlmm.dk:8000/victoria
Radio Victoria 160 kbps http://stream.wlmm.dk/NyRadiomp3
Radio Vinyl 128 kbps http://live-bauerdk.sharp-stream.com/DK_RP14.mp3
Rise FM Denmark 320 kbps http://stream.risefm.org:8023/stream
WMR – World Music Radio 160 kbps
WMR – World Music Radio 128 kbps aac http://media.wlmm.dk:8010/;

Local Radio in Denmark
Station Bitrate Station URL
Holbæk Radio 256 kbps http://stream.holbaekradio.dk/webradio
Hvidovre NærRadio 192 kbps http://media.wlmm.dk/hnrmp3
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