comuxCanis Media backed Comux UK has been successful in its bid to run the local TV multiplex, which will host a new wave of local TV channels across the UK.
Ofcom awarded the 12 year operator’s licence to the organisation earlier today, in a long awaited announcement that was originally due in the autumn.
The new local TV multiplex will launch wherever there is a licensed local TV service, and will enable viewers to receive their local TV station via Freeview, plus two additional channels. Freeview channel 8 has been assigned by Digital UK for local TV services in England and Northern Ireland, while services in Scotland and Wales have been assigned channel 45.

The first batch of local TV channels are expected to launch by the end of the year.
Comux recently published its plans as part of its application to run the multiplex, to boost coverage of local TV in London by using transmission antenna at the top of the Crystal Palace TV mast and not half-way up as originally proposed by Ofcom and transmitter company Arqiva.

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By Expat