Clubbing TVViewers in the Americas and Caribbean can watch C4K360 (‘Clubbing 4K 360’) a new, music-based 4K network – and concept – from distributor Vivicast Media and from the creators of Clubbing TV.
C4K360 says it brings “high energy, live DJ sets and concerts” all shot in native 4K “from the most prestigious clubs and electronic dance music festivals around the world”.

“C4K360 will go beyond music and even beyond TV to offer a total immersive experience,” said Stephane Schweitzer, CEO at Clubbing TV.

“In line with our overarching strategy to continue to be at the forefront of new and innovative channels and content, I can’t describe how excited we are that Vivicast now has this channel available for cable and satellite companies in the Americas,” said Stuart Smitherman, President Vivicast Media.

As part of a Chris Forrester-led panel at 2016’s MIPTV, Smitherman shared his belief that Ultra High Definition broadcasters have an advantage when they provide compelling and captivating 4K content aimed at the growing UHD audience.  He added that a network such as C4K360 is going to be a game changer and that Clubbing TV has once again shown its ability to touch and deliver relevant content to a thriving millennial audience.

Clubbing TV is available worldwide in native HD and in English. It is the brand of the millennial generation and claims to be the first global Lifestyle TV channel exclusively dedicated to live and coverage of DJs events, international dance music, club culture, clubbing destinations, festivals and concerts from around the world. Its 24/7 channel brings the best live events, DJs, music videos, lifestyle programmes and party reports from the hottest dance floors and electro festivals worldwide. Clubbing TV makes dance music available in more than 80 million households in 30 countries with 20 exclusive shows representing all electronic music styles and flavours.

The channel broadcasts every week more than two hours of live shows and concerts and four weekly exclusive shows with full social media interaction. Its Clubbing Experience show, live from concerts and festivals, its Live DJ Sets, its TOP Charts and its ‘insane’ talk show The Big Bad Bass are just a small preview of Clubbing TV’s exclusive premium content. As of today, Clubbing TV’s portfolio includes more than 800 titles with 300 hours of HD, and already 75 hours of 4K content and 25 VR contents.

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By Expat