c4Channel 4 is looking for Ofcom to give it an easy way onto Freesat before its Sky encryption contract expires.
The broadcaster said it would look forward to joining the BBC and ITV in setting up a free satellite TV service for UK viewers who can’t get Freeview.

However the Channel 4 family are all tied into encryption contracts with Sky, with the exception of Filmfour, which became free-to-air when its Sky contract expired last year.

A statement from Channel 4 said: “As a public service broadcaster we are committed to offering our innovative, high-quality content to UK viewers across all meaningful platforms. We note with interest the BBC and ITV’s announcement to launch an independent, free-to-air satellite platform, and we are open to discussing our possible involvement in due course.”
“Under the Communications Act we would expect to become subject to obligations to ensure the availability of the core channel on all satellite platforms, which would require that Channel 4 was available on Freesat.”

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By Expat