The international channel, which has NBC as a new partner, is revisiting its formats.
Becoming “the leading influential media in European affairs, Politico de la television”. This is the goal of Michael Peters, Chairman of the Executive Board of Euronews.

The international channel, which is the most watched in Europe, is changing. The “all in pictures” format, which was the hallmark of Euronews, is disappearing, in favour of a format with presenters, analyses and debates.

From 2018, on Euronews World, the channel in English, there will be one to two hours of live in the morning, so that in late 2018, she arrives to a broadcast with presenters and talk shows a good part of the day. The other nine editions (in other languages) will also have presenters for their morning show.

“Develop immersive journalism”
A more “classic” channel? “Not really,” says Michael Peters. We will not have the means to compete with CNN or BBC. But we will produce information closer to the digital world. ” For example, EuronewsNBC (the new name provided in the course of next year) will have journalists” iphones warriors “, who will film a lot with their smartphone to ” develop immersive journalism ” , he said. Or social network specialists, to interact with viewers.

At the same time, Euronews wants to invest in its own content. “We want to rely less and less on images of agencies,” he continues. The group recruits about fifteen people to develop a network of correspondents in the main capitals. The group, which has just completed a departure plan (about 60 departures), already has a staff of 460 permanent in Lyon and in the various cities where it is present (excluding Africa).

The group has already begun to change, abandoning its the old format in 2017 (which broadcast the same images everywhere) for more distinct editions.

Euronews will put on the table about 85 million euros in 2018 (against 70 million in 2017) to achieve the transformation. To help, the NBC invested 25 million euros in the channel last spring, taking a 25% stake.

NBC is now the second largest shareholder behind a company owned by Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris (60%) . The historical public European shareholders (public channels, institutions, etc.) have 15%. With a deficit since 2013, Euronews hopes to reach the balance in 2020. It derives most of its revenues from advertising and broadcasting.

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