bbcCeefax will wave goodbye to UK viewers forever tomorrow (October 24), as the final pixelated pages will be turned off in line with the digital television switchover.
The end of analogue television is nearing completion, with Northern Ireland to make the final switch tomorrow, meaning the whole of Britain is in the digital TV era.
BBC information service Ceefax was switched off in the majority of the UK earlier in the year, but will end completely on Wednesday.
Viewers in Northern Ireland have just a little longer to enjoy the service, which has been running on screens for almost 40 years, offering information such as football scores and TV listings, along with the classic game Bamboozle.

The final image posted on the pixelated news service now bears the message: “1974-2012. Thanks for watching”. This page will switch off in Northern Ireland at midnight tomorrow.
Ceefax first appeared on teletext-receiving televisions in 1974, and on-air broadcasts of Ceefax pages started in 1982.
It was the world’s first Teletext news service but is now consigned to history, as people get the majority of their news, sport, weather and other information from the internet.
The end of Ceefax began back in April when the Crystal Palace transmitter serving millions of homes in London with digital terrestrial TV signals was switched off.
The BBC has put together a video showcasing the history of Ceefax, including a range of archive screen shots from the famous service.

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