bbc-trustThe BBC Trust has launched a public consultation on the iPlayer and other BBC on-demand offerings as part of its 24 month performance review.
The review will assess the four BBC on-demand offerings approved by the Trust in 2007. These are: 7 day TV catch-up over the internet via BBC iPlayer, 7 day TV catch-up over cable (currently iPlayer on Virgin), “Watch Live” TV on the internet and Podcasts.

The Trust is also assessing particular aspects of TV catch up including the ability to pre-book or “bookmark” programmes (which is not yet available), series stack and the parental controls.
The Trust said they are not considering any changes to the on-demand offerings as part of this review and that it is an assessment of their performance to date.
The BBC Trust Broadband Syndication Policy Review will be undertaken separately. The consultation will close on 12 March 2010.

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By Expat