bbchdThe BBC’s proposals for a mixed-genre high definition television channel, BBC HD, have been approved by the BBC Trust following a Public Value Test. Mark Thompson, BBC Director-General, said: “We are delighted that the BBC Trust has approved the BBC Executive’s high definition television proposals, allowing us to launch the UK’s first free-to-air, mixed-genre public service HDTV channel.

“The BBC has pioneered high definition broadcasting in the UK, setting industry standards and defining the HD viewing experience for audiences.
“The Trust concluded that such a channel would create significant public value and benefit licence fee payers.”
Jana Bennett, Director of BBC Vision, said: “BBC HD will be available on cable, satellite and—in due course—on digital terrestrial and the internet.
“It will showcase a rich mix of the BBC’s programmes from across its channel portfolio in true, native, high definition.
“HD is the next generation of television, offering the richest, most intense viewing experience imaginable.”

The approval of the BBC’s HD channel follows the Trust’s decision in April this year to approve Freesat, a joint venture between the BBC and ITV which will provide a free standard and high definition-enabled digital satellite platform, with launch anticipated for spring 2008.
The BBC said that the new HD channel on Digital Terrestrial Television is subject to a review by the BBC Trust in 2008 when there should be greater clarity on HD broadcast standards and spectrum capacity available for the channel.

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By Expat