It appears that not all Freeview households will be able to receive the proposed BBC One+1 channel, according to documents published today, linked with the BBC’s plans for BBC Three.

The BBC says that it plans to launch BBC One+1 as a single UK wide, 24 hour standard definition service using currently vacant capacity on the Freeview HD multiplex PSB3, which also carries BBC One HD, Channel 4 HD and Film 4+1 using the DVB-T2 standard.
This means that viewers without DVB-T2 Freeview HD equipment would not be able to receive the channel, during regional programmes, BBC One+1 would carry the BBC News Channel.

The BBC states that BBC One+1 “would be viewable on the main TV set in around. 40-45% of DTT homes from launch, increasing over time as viewing equipment in the home is refreshed”, although the BBC redacted its estimation of the number of households able to receive Freeview HD/DVB-T2 services by 2017.
The proposals from the BBC Executive also state that they expect to move BBC One+1 to PSB1 multiplex (making the service universal) in 2017.

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By Expat