bbcThe BBC has increased DAB digital radio coverage in a further six areas of the UK during the last two months, as its programme to increase the availability of BBC National DAB to just over 97% of the United Kingdom in 2016.
Areas benefiting from additional DAB coverage include Leek in North Staffordshire, Dartmouth, Ayr and Bourne in Lincolnshire. City Centre coverage boosts have occurred in Liverpool and Glasgow. BBC local radio, carried on local commercial DAB multiplexes, is part of a separate roll-out programme. Over 96% of UK households are now in the BBC’s National DAB coverage area.

The roll-out – the fourth phase of BBC national DAB coverage expansion – has fallen behind the originally announced schedule: the BBC first announced in 2013 that this current phase of DAB coverage roll-out would be concluded by the end of 2015.

BBC National DAB – New Transmission Sites
Site Grid Refrance Radiated Power Coverage Area
Leek SJ999561 0.6 kW Leek, Staffordshire
Kingswear SX887511 0.4 kW Dartmouth
St John’s Beacon SJ348903 0.5 kW Liverpool
Brown Carrick Hill NS291162 2.4 kW Ayr
Kirkby Underwood TF058273 1.2 kW Bourne, Lincolnshire
Glasgow William Street NS580654 0.3 kW Glasgow
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